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I’m on a campaign to wipe out “beige food.”  How I envy  Anthony Bourdain who gets to travel around the globe indulging in amazing culinary sensations. I might not, however, be able to do that job, simply because I’m a one drink wonder and he seems to have to consume massive quantities of alcohol frequently in conjunction with those amazing foods. Not sure how much of an audience I would draw as they’d be filming me slurring my words and stumbling around, or falling asleep in my plate of food.

breakfast sweet

Sweet Potato hash browns, ground chicken, avocado and eggs.

The person you never want to get behind in the grocery store checkout or at the meat counter is me. Buying fresh means everything needs to be weighed out.  I hear people in line behind me sighing away as the clerk asks questions like “what are these” when she picks up my tomatillos or habanero peppers, and my order takes forever to ring up. I’m proud to admit that I am on a first name basis with the folks in the produce department and behind the meat counter, and at my local farmer’s markets.

I try not to judge people for what is in their shopping carts, but I can tell you that people do notice what you buy in the grocery store. I’ve had cashiers, and other people  say wow, looks like you eat healthy, or now that is a TON of vegetables. I hope it doesn’t ever come across as bragging, but when someone notices, I generally can’t help but say, yes I used to weigh 215 pounds, but diet and exercise help!! And with minimal engagement, I’ve been known to share information about Paleo blogs/websites.

I love sharing what I’ve learned and hope by doing that I can inspire others to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Eating pretty food honestly makes a person feel better-not only because you are cooking fresh, but also because you are exploring the wonderful world of food and nutrition.

Life is too short to eat beige food or Anthony Bourdain would not have a net worth of 9 million dollars!!


1/2 sweet potato, peeled and shredded

1/2 avocado, cubed

1 cup ground chicken, pre-cooked and spiced with your favourites

1-2 farm fresh eggs

1-2 T coconut oil

Heat coconut oil in a skillet over Med High heat. Add shredded sweet potato and cook until browned but not burned..kinda tricky because of sugar content of the potatoes.

Cook 1-2 eggs in 1 T ghee or butter.

Arrange with sweet potatoes on bottom, ring with avocado, and top with cooked chicken and eggs.

SIT DOWN and eat breakfast and enjoy the sunrise

pikes peak sunrise