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I’m a firm believer in the healing powers of the following things: positive thinking, fresh air, water, chicken soup, and hot peppers. My kids will tell you that my first cure for any malady is to “drink more water.”  Got a cold..stay hydrated..drink more water; feeling tired..drink more water; sore muscles..drink more water; hangover..definitely drink more water; broken arm..drink more water, just use your good arm.

On a secondary level to water and positive thinking..I believe that chicken soup has healing powers as well..it’s good for colds, cold days and your soul. My Babcia made the best chicken noodle soup with thick homemade noodles, so early in my life I began to associate chicken soup with love. It wasn’t until I moved to Colorado that I found out that hot peppers not only contain lots of natural Vitamin C, but they also just make things taste AMAZING.

As the temperatures have finally begin to resemble Fall here in Colorado, and I’m doing my best to fight off a cold that everyone around me seems to have, I decided to make spicy chicken soup for dinner. I guess you could call it Tortillaless Chicken Tortilla Soup. Either that or I could search for recipes for Paleo Tortillas…note to self.  Once I perfect a recipe for Paleo Tortillas I will add it here!!


This is the yummy, spicy chicken soup that I created. I wish I could include a “smell” sample because it smells absolutely amazing. Here’s to good health, and the power of healing yourself with good food.

RECIPE: Serves 6-8

4-6  free range, antibiotic-free Chicken breasts,trimmed and chopped into bite size pieces

2 fresh, diced Jalapeno peppers

1 red onion, chopped

3 fresh tomatillos, chopped

1 red bell pepper, chopped

2 stalks celery, chopped

1 can of Organic Crushed Tomatoes

1 can Organic Tomato Sauce

1-2 boxes Organic chicken broth


Add in your favorite Mexican seasonings to include these:

1-3 T cumin

1 t sea salt

1/2-1 t cayenne pepper

1/4 t garlic powder ( or one fresh clove of garlic minced)

Simmer on Medium heat until chicken is fully cooked, adding additional chicken broth if necessary.. You can also cook a smaller batch in a crockpot if you like. Not only will your house smell amazing, but your chicken will become incredibly tender and it will soak up all that yummy flavor AND you will discover that spicy chicken soup is even better for your soul.