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I can’t believe it’s been this long since I last wrote something on this blog. SO much has happened!!

Shortly after the last post, we found out that we were going to have to move within 30 days.  Overnight I went from sheer panic to elation..a property we had looked at the previous year was back on the market and the owner contacted me to see if I was still interested, all within 24 hours.

I’m HAPPY to report that we are no longer living in town!! We moved in March of this year to ten wooded/meadowed acres of bliss. The place was a real mess when we first moved there, as previous tenants had abandoned the property, but nothing that hard work, vision and love can’t overcome.

meadow view2 tava

view from our meadow of Tava..sacred mountain of the Utes

At night I always tell the twins stories before I tuck them into bed. During those first few months, I often made up stories about our life at the Ramshackle Ranch which is what I called our place until recently.  Initially, every day was like a CrossFit workout, weekends were like CrossFit competitions..I found myself digging deep to finish tasks that I never thought I had the strength to do. When I did get in to town to workout at our gym I even joked about having my own personal box: CrossFit Ramshackle. I told my friends..I flip tires for REAL.

Slowly the ranch has begun to transform back into the beautiful place it truly is, so much so, that I’m trying out some new names..Fox Meadow Ranch being at the top of the list, followed by Fox Creek Ranch.  The house still needs a lot of work..but when I listen to the wind in the trees, count the time between bright flashes of lightning and the subsequent thunder, watch the full moon rise above the barn, and stand on the deck at 3 AM in awe of the stars, any anxiety I have simply evaporates.

house in the woods

front of the house..gotta love all the windows..it looks pretty awesome right..let me add a pic of the 1980’s carpet and unfinished basement with the turquoise toilet to snap you back to reality.
I started a garden in June-a little late in the season honestly, but we had snowstorms through May. We live on the edge of the Palmer Divide which is known for being the natural path of many storms.

oriole in snow

Oriole in the tree after Mother’s Day snowstorm which dumped 12 inches of wet snow

I’ve never truly had my very own vegetable garden. I’ve done some minor container gardening and some herb gardens but my focus has always been on flowers. My teeny little vegetable garden was my summer delight, and once it started producing you would have thought, I was the only person on the planet who had ever gardened successfully.

lavendar and speedwell

I wanted the garden to be a teaching tool for the twins and they took to it immediately. We recycled an old book shelf that was leaning to one side into sectioned raised beds. We planted peppers, squash, tomatoes and strawberries. I even got to use some of the peppers we grew in my hot pepper jams this summer.

garden helpers

My little scarecrows!!

So that is the recap of life over the last 7 months, and I’m back in the saddle, so to speak, and ready to start blogging about fabulous recipes and life at the ranch.  gotta start making the Thanksgiving menu SOON!!  check back tomorrow and I will have recipes!!!