One ah-ha moment I’ve had while house sitting for my friends this weekend is that life takes practice. In my life I’ve practiced being a wild child, a daughter, a sister, a student, a free spirit, a wife, a mom, a teacher, an athlete, an artist, a Biologist, a friend, a caretaker, and a grandparent to list a few. If I had to identify my favorite I couldn’t as all have shaped my life in some significant way.

This weekend I found myself practicing being a single person.  And it took me a while to settle down and accept that.  To shop for myself, to walk the dog alone in the woods, to entertain myself by singing and dancing, to cook meals for myself and then sit alone to eat them.  I had a little practice at this when my daughter first launched out of the house-I remember spending hours on Skype with my friend laughing and keeping each other company.  Now I’m back in the role of co-parent helping my daughter with her twin toddlers, making a home for them under my roof.  They make me smile, they make me take a million pictures which I post on FB, they amaze me and they fill my heart and home with love and laughter. But in the back of my mind I know one day they will go to live in their own home. The role of parent is a tough and often demanding life, and most of my friends who are done raising kids can’t see themselves returning to the role as a co-parent as I have, but I believe what ever time I invest in the twins now will help to shape their future as adults. And another part of me has come to realize that I hate being alone and maybe I just chose the role of helping parent because it’s something I know, and it beats the alternative..or does it?

Yikes, how did posting a recipe become a reflection of my life..welll, I was thinking when I AM a single person and I’m lonely I will just invite friends over for dinner, and I will have some amazing recipes from which to choose.

I’m on a fish/seafood kick this week. Dinner last night was shrimp and veggies. I want a better name that mixed veggies..I used Persian Lime Olive Oil so trying to come up with a catchy name reflecting that..Persian Lime Veggies..veggies is too hippy, Persian Lime Vegetable Medley..makes them sound like they are going to get up and dance off your plate, Persian Lime Vegetables..acceptably boring. thank goodness for the edit button.

SERVES 2, PREP TIME 20-30 min


1/2 pound pre-cooked shrimp with tails on or off

4T oil mix..I used mix of ghee and coconut oil ( for cooking fish)

1 cup Almond flour

1 lemon-cut into quarters

1 egg well beaten

caulifower-cut into bite size pieces

baby broccoli-cut into bite size pieces

snap peas

baby onions

red bell pepper-seeded and cut into bite size peices

1-2 T Persian Lime Olive oil (for cooking veggies)


1/4 t black pepper

1/4 red pepper

2 t lemon pepper ( 1 t for veggies, 1 t for shrimp)

1t garlic salt (1/2 t for shrimp and 1/2 t for veggies)

1 t Northern seasoning for fish or chicken–good stuff

1 t sea salt ( 1/2 t for shrimp and 1/2 t for veggies)



Melt oil in large skillet over medium heat

Mix spices with almond flour-pour 1/3 of mix into a pie plate

Dip shrimp in egg, and then coat with almond flour/spice mix one piece at a time..I don’t put all the almond flour/spice mix into pie pan at one time because it tends to clump up.  As I coat the pieces of shrimp I put them in a separate pie plate until I’m ready to cook them

Transfer the coated shrimp to skillet and cook in oil until the almond flour is golden brown, only flipping them once (constant flipping makes them soak up too much oil nd become greasy)

Drain cooked shrimp on paper towel as you take them out of the skillet


Heat Persian lime olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add veggies and spices and sautee lightly-about 5 min or until desired tenderness is reached.

ENJOY and if you come up with a wildly exotic name for my beautiful vegetables..send me a message