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Balance..this day was all about getting myself back on track mentally.  funny how just being in the gym, a day of fishing or being in the forest rights my soul..today I indulged in all three..well kinda.

Ironically, one of the exercises we did in warmup for CrossFit this morning involved balance..I kept wondering why I was struggling so much but finally realized I was doing the motion upside down-starting at the bottom and not the top. Once I figured that out, I had to laugh..I was upside down in many ways and there it was for everyone to see.

I’m house sitting for some friends, in their beautiful and super comfy home in Black Forest. I spent several hours hanging out with my friends Mary and Harold who also live in the forest. They were my neighbors before I had to move kicking and screaming to that four letter word..T O W N.   gosh I miss the old cabin and my friends.  I miss the sound of the wind in the trees and the taste of cold well water.  I miss my life there.

After watching a beautiful sunset over Pikes Peak, I got to cooking myself dinner. I’m now on day 22 of Whole30..8 more to go and I’m already thinking I may do another 30..somebody slap me.  Since I couldn’t get in a boat and go fishing  to round out the day,  I figured I would at least eat fish. Talipia Almondine to be specific. My friends house has a built in sound system and there is nothing like it..I think they should come standard with houses..they are every bit as useful as kitchen sinks.I cranked up the old Motown station and was jamming out..the dancing chef..and ask my kids I can NOT dance. I can however cook!! I can’t wait to try this with fresh walleye..that will have to wait until I head home to the Great North this summer.

This is what I created dancing around the kitchen:



2-3 pieces of Talipia-can cut in half lengthwise if too big

1 fresh cut lemon

1/2  c Almond flour

2 sprigs Fresh rosemary

1/4 c sliced almonds

1  egg

3-4 T ghee or coconut oil


1/2 t cajun seasoning

sea salt 2 grinds

Black pepper 2 grinds


Get yourself two pie plates  (or flat dish with edge)

beat egg in one pie plate

Mix almond flour, and spices in the other

Slice lemon

Melt 2-3 T ghee or coconut oil in skillet over medium heat

Dredge fish pieces in beaten egg

transfer to dish with almond flour and spices and fully coat pieces

transfer fish to skillet, cooking 5-7 min on each side, flipping once, fish is done when it flakes apart with a fork

Remove fish from skillet and warm in backing dish in oven

Melt remaining oil and lightly sautee the almonds and rosemary sprigs for 1-2 min

Spoon almond mix over fillets and serve with lemon slices and some yummy steamed veggies..I choose baby broccoli and baby carrots.