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spinach salad

It never matters what time I get up in the morning, the time just seems to evaporate.  I mean seriously..How can someone get up at 0430 and STILL be late for work..squirrels!

I’ve always been a morning person, and when I say morning that means any time after 2 AM. There is nothing unusual about me doing laundry, making jam, sewing or a combination of the three at those hours of the day. I miss my friend Susan-when she was still alive, her night owl hours often overlapped with my early to rise hours, and we’d talk on the phone about anything related to Biology, Anthropology and raising kids which I suppose is a combo of the two . Unfortunately her night owl hours were often accompanied by various drugs and she left the planet early.

You’d think I would enjoy some solitude, but I don’t really get the whole concept of “ALONE” time.  I think life is to be shared and if I wanted to be a solitary being I would have asked to come to this world as a male polar bear. I’m a communal soul. So when human company is unavailable I’m comforted that my husky is always happiest to accompany me around the house regardless of the hour. And at least that way it appears I’m talking to him rather than to myself.

Wake-up this morning was no exception..up before the chickens, working on some sewing projects, cleaning the kitchen..even dragging the cans to the curb for trash day. I’m sure the neighbors love me..I forget I live in town now where crap like making noise is related to the hands on the clock and is regarded as rude and unacceptable like dogs barking or peeing outside in your own yard. When 7 AM rolled around, I should have been heading to work. Instead I found myself without a lunch. Generally I’m the “leftovers for lunch” person, but the previous nights dinner was such a hit, there was NOTHING left. I had just started into week 2 of Whole30 and thought I’m not about to jeopardize having to go back to Day1..so I had to choose to be late for work once again.

I emptied the vegetable bin in the fridge: two roma tomatoes, a box of baby spinach, a ripe avocado, some green onions, and a red bell pepper..as a final thought I ran back in the house and grabbed a can of tuna. I rarely get out of the house on the first try and my grandtwins who are generally up at that hour will yell NANA’S HOME every time I run back in.. I find it amusing and adorable.

Surprisingly, my lunch was a success and I dodged having to start over on Whole30 despite my lack of planning.  Spinach salad!!


fresh organic baby spinach with stems removed

2 roma tomatoes-diced

3 green onions-diced

1 red bell pepper-seeded and chopped

1 avocado-ripe, remove peel and pit and mash

1 can albacore tuna in water


put into a giant bowl, get a fork and eat it