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I found this amazing recipe for Whole30 stuffed peppers with an enchilada type flavor and couldn’t have been more excited to try them.  I’ve been a huge fan of Mexican food forever. My best friend in grade school was a Mexican girl named Leslie and their home was full of culinary sensations unknown to the Great White North where I had previously lived In that cold country,   casseroles, soups and meat and potato dishes reigned supreme.

Leslie’s mom was soft spoken and deeply beautiful. It seemed to me she was always laughing and smiling which made her even more beautiful to me. Their house ran like clockwork and I envied the number of siblings Leslie had, because it seemed everyone always had a playmate. I secretly wished I belonged to a big family with lots of kids most of my childhood. And when  I grew up I planned to have at least ten children of my own.

There was always a pot of spicy chile, a plate of fresh homemade tamales or a warm sopapillas dripping with honey waiting for us when we came home from school. Leslie was the oldest child in her family, and as such was responsible for wrangling the younger children, while her mom made dinner. Sometimes I helped Leslie by playing with the babies or folding laundry, but more often I drifted back into the kitchen, drawn by all those wonderful smells to help her mom.

I was put to work chopping, grating, sifting, stirring and sampling.  I paid close attention to the ingredients and the prep so that when I went home that night I could tell my mom about all the wonderful new food I’d tried. On the weekends my mom would buy the ingredients and I would do my best to re-create the dishes I had learned to make from Leslie’s mom. Before long, casseroles lost their footing and we had regular burrito and taco nights added to the weekly menu. When my parents moved back up North, my mom took the recipes of Leslie’s mom with her and introduced many a Northerner to Mexican food.

These stuffed peppers are another easy to prepare meal that the whole family will eat without complaining. My daughter is not on Whole30 but said these were delicious..more proof that good food is good tasting food. Cauliflower rice is a my own recipe and is a great side dish for your peppers. I’m thinking a more Spanish rice with the cauliflower next time would be even more yummy.

PREP TIME:40 min, serves 2-4


1 LB Ground chicken, turkey or beef

4 red bell peppers-tops cut off, and seeded

1/2 yellow onion-peeled and diced

1 garlic clove-minced

1 can organic tomato sauce

2 T coconut oil or ghee


red pepper flake

ground chili powder

sea salt

garlic grind, garlic salt or garlic powder

onion powder or onion salt

ground cumin

mexican oregano


Preheat oven to 400F

Brown meat in oil with onions and garlic added. Once meat is browned add in tomato sauce and spices and simmer on low heat until most of the moisture is absorbed. Scoop mixture into peppers, stuffing to the top. If you retained the pepper tops, you can put those on top of meat mixture. Cook for 20 min or until peppers are soft but not mushy. Serve with cauliflower rice and fresh homemade guacamole


1 head fresh cauliflower

1 garlic clove-minced

1/2 yellow onion-peeled and diced

2 T ghee or coconut oil

1/4 organic chicken broth


Pulse chop Cauliflower in food processor until consistency of rice granules

Sautee garlic and onions in 2 T oil and 1/4 cup chicken broth until translucent over medium heat.

Add processed cauliflower and cook over medium heat for additional 5-8 minutes



1/2 fresh lemon-juiced

2 ripe avocado-peeled and pit removed

sea salt

garlic salt

cayenne pepper


Smash avocado down with fork until lumpy but not completely smooth. Add spices and lemon juice and stir. Be sure to cover to prevent it from turning brown if any leftovers.